Furnal Equinox con attendance meme

Where are you staying?
At the convention hotel – the Westin Harbour Castle.

What day are you getting there?

Who will you be rooming with?
Kiba, Drakon, and someone else that I don’t know.

Will you be fursuiting?

What is your gender?

How old are you?
Early fourties 🙁

Can I talk to you?

Can I hug you?

When I’m in costume only, please.

How can I find you?
Probably best to buzz me on Twitter/Telegram as @tseatah

Which suit(s) will you be bringing?
Kootenay (Steller’s Jay) and Penryn (Magpie)

Do you draw?

How tall are you?
6′ 2″

Are you taken? Are you looking for a mate?
Single. I keep hoping to find the right someone.

Can I visit your room?
As I’m rooming with three other people, I can’t really answer that.

Can I buy you drinks?
Sure. Coke, Bacardi & Coke, Wheat beers or Red wines (NOT Malbecs)

Can I give you stuff?
Depends what the stuff is?

Can I snuggle with you?
Nope – I’m not a snuggler.

Are you nice?
I think I am?

How long are you going?
Will be there from Thursday about 6pm to Monday midday.

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
I’ll answer to Frysco, Kootenay, Koots, Jay.

What/where will you be eating?
The ‘what’ will likely be meat and potatoes in some sort, the ‘where’ will be wherever I can find such that’s not stupidly expensive.

What’s your goal for the con this year?
1. Catch up with the folks who live or only do cons ‘back east’ that I don’t see very much.
2. Fursuit and flap around as a bird a bunch.
3. Mock the shekk out of Toronto and its ‘sports’ teams.

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