Morse and Karen 1 (jakkal)

This is kind of an "Alternate Universe" Morse.
In this, he's a guy who finds a necklace with a bird pendant that's cursed to change the person who stole it. Except it was cast so badly that it changes the wearer, who may be innocent of thievery. The curse turns the wearer into whatever form the pendant is of - in Morse's case, it's a magpie. The only cure from this curse is to find whoever cast it and have them to lift it. However, it can be managed by eating the blue flowers of the Azuchroma plant. This suppresses the curse magic and allows the person to return to human for as long as the magic contained in the Azuchroma leaves is in their system. Once gone, they will change back again.

Here, Morse has found Karen (belonging to PaulRevere1991 - see DeviantArt). She was lucky and found someone to tell her about this plant soon after she bought her pendant and found it was cursed. Morse was not so lucky. He's been stuck as a magpie now for over four years... and some of the instincts of a magpie - such as a love of shiny things - are quite strong now. Which explain why he's going after Karen's shiny silver horse pendant.

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